Acupuncture For Life!

Melinda Cobb, MSTCM, L.Ac., (NCCAOM)
4380 Harlan Street, Suite 202
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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Treatment Styles

Pain Management works by utilizing acupuncture and Chinese massage called Tui-na.  In certain injuries, FDA approved injectibles and trigger point therapy is used to stop chronic pain. This works by releasing the muscle (trigger points) and increasing the blood flow to the area of injury and will also help to increase range of motion and performance.  This is called biopuncture and mesotherapy.

Melinda has used Injection therapy for four years now and has produced excellent results in pain alleviation anywhere on the body.  Only FDA approved injectibles are used such as 
Traumeel  or Guna Muscle.

FDA approved homeopathic injectibles contain a mixture of homeopathics that are in a base of saline solution and are completely harmless but work to reduce swelling which reduces the pain immediately in most cases.

Five Element Style Acupuncture works by supporting who you are naturally.
Five Element Acupuncture can help support and balance the core essence of who you really are or who you were before your health problems began.
This particular style of acupuncture  utilizes nature and how we react to our environments to balance the whole body, mind and spirit. 

Wellness Support works by utilizing pain managment, Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine on a  regular monthly basis to keep you healthy and dynamic.  

It is recommended to have a treatment at least once a month to maintain a healthy balance mentally, emotionally and last but not least, physically!

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